about us

An International and Domestic Technical Services Company since 1988

The foundation of Stephens Worldwide Technical was laid in 1988 by A.G. "Al" Stephens, who spent many years in project management and served as Vice President and General Manager of Project Management for one of the world's leading EPC companies. His vast project-related experience took him to all parts of the world and provided the initial contact with many clients, governments and financing organizations, as well as with other contractors and subcontractors associated with worldwide EPC activities.

Gary Stephens, CEO

Gary Stephens joined the organization in 1991 after 12 years in commercial high-rise office building operations and maintenance. He provided the technical and managerial skills necessary for the successful execution of projects involving manpower and recruitment for the domestic and overseas petrochemical, refining and power industries.

Since the passing of Al Stephens in 2005, Gary Stephens has continued to expand the company's focus from strictly technical support to its current services including business development, project support, foreign representation, procurement services and facilitation. He is determined to take Stephens Worldwide Technial further than it's gone before, becoming a leading resource for trusted connections in industries that are growing exponentially. His experience and history with many key players in today's energy, oil & gas, petrochemical and other industries enable him to provide key services for his clients.