description of Services

An International and Domestic Technical Services Company since 1988

Contract Technical Support

Contract Technical Services is a cornerstone for the variety of opportunities we offer our clients. We specialize in pre-commissioning and startup personnel to either supplement an existing team or supply individuals to complete a team that focuses on organizing and implementing the successful start-up of power, refinery and petrochemical facilities. We also provide inspectors, construction superintendents, design and procurement specialists, and other discipline experts on a contract basis at very competitive rates. Engineers and Managers to be hired on a project-to-project basis are also available.

Project Support

Beyond personnel support, Stephens Worldwide is affiliated with companies that can provide EPC support in many parts of the world to ensure successful project completion. From design to production, Stephens Worldwide will stay the course and make the right connections for your business.

Facilitation & Procurement Services

Stephens Worldwide provides facilitation for products and services between manufacturers and onsite management. It may be location of refinery services for crude oil or complete refinery process units. Stephens Worldwide can locate and recommend equipment packages for overseas and domestic projects to the client’s specifications utilizing the latest technologies from around the world.

Foriegn Representation & Business Development

Stephens Worldwide’s long-standing business experience enables us to stand as a host company for foreign entities as they develop a strong US market prior to incorporation. Our extensive affiliations also introduce possible joint venture partners to aid foreign entities develop complete value-based services in potential and developing markets.

Recruitment Services

Permanent placement of quality personnel can be arranged on an “as needed” or retainer basis to fill a client’s open positions. Stephens Worldwide properly screens and reviews a prospect’s work history prior to presentation to a client company. We strive to not waste the clients valuable time on unviable candidates.